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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Your Reconquista advertising campaign is offensive

Yes, I really did send the following email...

Mr. Moran, today I see through a number of reputable websites, that Absolut has implemented a "Reconquista" Absolut World advertising campaign in Mexico. I find this advertisement very offensive. Until today I have been an Absolut Citron drinker and purchaser, however, I am done with your company's brand if this campaign continues or is not recalled and a corporate apology made to the American public.

The belief that the Mexican people's lands extended into the area covered by your contrived map is historically inaccurate, ignores the fact that the people living in the area that is now Mexico were first conquered and ruled by the Spanish and lends credence to the open border radicals of both America and Mexico's population. Advocacy of illegal immigration and the overthrow of the United States' borders is neither clever or funny and would not be tolerated in any manner if the maps of Europe were redrawn to show most of the countries remaining as a part of Germany.

Your advertising is offensive to me as an American that recognizes the need for a country to protect its interests and borders. When I go to my Armed Forces Exchange (AAFES) package store after work today, I am certain that I will find another brand of vodka to purchase in boycott of Absolut products.

Nate McCord, Ogden, UT

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